Is it possible to build a God-centered business and still yield much fruit?

Hustle with Heart exists to equip women to pursue success God’s way so they can experience the joy & fruit of abiding in Him!

About Erin

I’m Erin Harrigan—Christ follower, wife, mom and God-centered entrepreneur… but that last part wasn’t always the case. Let me take you back a bit.

I’ve been a driver and striver all my life. It’s the road I chose out of growing up in poverty – work hard, go to school, get a job, work work work, earn big money, maybe retire some day. 23 years into that journey, with a big title, big salary, big 70% travel schedule, I was TIRED. Tired of the grind, tired of missing out on our daughters’ events, tired of missing my husband.

Bridging Faith and Business in Today's World 

Helping Entrepreneurs Align Results with God's Truth
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The Vision of Hustle With Heart

Imagine a movement of women entrepreneurs standing boldly for Christ at the center of their businesses, experiencing the abundant fruit produced through abiding in Him and pursuing success God’s way. Imagine the impact they would have on His kingdom, lifting others as they rise! That’s what Hustle with Heart is equipping women to do through:


Personalized business coaching focused on Helping Entrepreneurs Align Results to God's Truth, supporting them in pursuing success God's way as they build a business that honors Him and serves His people. The program is customized to each client's needs and desired outcomes, and includes the insights, tools and action plans to step forward into His purpose for their business.


As a speaker, Erin's straight-forward and fun style often sparks audience laughter and tears in the same session as she shares her personal testimony of entrepreneur life BC (before Christ) and AD (after dying to self in accepting Christ), empowering women to stand boldly for Christ at the center of their business.

A Podcast for the God-centered Entrepreneur!

The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. Podcast:

Be inspired and equipped for God-centered success on the go by subscribing to my weekly podcast on the power of faith in business! We dig into renewing our minds through the Word, the challenges of entrepreneur life and learn from the insight of great guests interviews! Subscribe to the podcast on all major podcast channels or click the link for the latest episode.

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Pursuing success God’s way looks different than the world’s approach, and for God-centered entrepreneurs, the difference can be challenging enough to lose focus! Our community is here to support and encourage you!

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