You likely searched "Christian business coach" because...

Your outward success is evident.
You've got a killer work ethic.
The "hustle" secretly fuels your adrenaline.
You believe your work is your mission field.


You're weary, empty and unfulfilled.
The next level is never enough.
Your self-reliance isn't sustainable or scalable.
Something is missing, and integrating faith+business is eluding you.

Sister, God made you ambitious,
but He didn't make you to do business as usual!

What if you could work with clarity, serenity and fulfillment?

What if you could rediscover calm, peace, and even JOY in your work?

What if you could redefine hustle & experience God's best for your business?

What if you had a Christian business coach to guide you to all of the above?

At the intersection of Biblical truth and business acumen, you'll find me, the Christian business coach for high-achieving sisters in Christ in business and the boardroom.

Through my biblical business coaching, my clients break free from:

Erin Harrigan Christian Business Coach for Women ready to release purple balloons against a bright blue sky

Let's be real...

As a high achiever, the hustle of business might secretly fuel your adrenaline. But you wish you could work with calm and joy, instead of the frantic, frazzled energy that’s made you successful thus far. 

The world’s pressure to succeed at all costs has left you empty, overwhelmed with self-reliance, spiraling in overachievement, and wondering if it’s all worth it. 

What if there was a better way to refine, scale or transition your business / work?  

What if you could emulate Jesus, and work with purpose, intention, a sense of timing and always seeking God’s direction?

There is, and you can!

I know this first hand because I’ve been there, done that. God has redeemed my trials, triumphs and transformation, and called me to show His ambitious daughters how to work WITH Him. 

As the Christian business coach for high-achieving women who combines Biblical truth with business acumen, I’ll be your guide to align your business / work with God’s will, so you can experience clarity, serenity and fulfillment.

Let my hindsight be your foresight with Holy Spirit’s insight!

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What clients say

Erin and client sitting outside on a patio showing what private coaching looks like

Private Coaching

Customized private coaching for the high-achieving Christian woman who desires to scale or pivot her business by aligning business goals to God’s will instead of doing “business as usual.”

Disorganized desk is often a disorganized strategy so book your strategy day with Erin

strategy day

When your ideas are swirling, the opportunities are overflowing, yet you need to distill it all into a strategy that glorifies God, my strategy day is the answer! 
Group of women meeting online for ROOTED group coaching

Rooted Membership

Exclusive members-only group coaching community, providing business owners with accountability, discernment, focus, and a safe space for learning from and sharing with each other. 


As an ambitious Christian woman, does “hustle” fuel your adrenaline, but you’re tired of both the world’s frantic definition of hustle and the so-called “anti-hustle” movement? 

What if you could redefine hustle to work how Jesus worked: with purpose, intention, a sense of timing and always seeking His Father’s direction? That’s what this show is here to help you do!

On Redefining Hustle: Pursuing Success as a Christian Woman, each focused 15-minute episode connects Biblical truth to business with practical application so you can tune out the world, tune in to God’s truth, and turn up focus to walk out God’s assignment with clarity, serenity, and fulfillment.

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Erin holding her book

Pursuing Success God's Way:
A Practical Guide to Hustle with Heart

This is the guidebook for pursuing success God’s way! This is a great starting point for those new to bridging their faith and business, making God their business partner and learning to “hustle with heart” (and as a resource for our ongoing growth along the way!)


Erin speaking at retreat 2

Speaking & Interviews

One of my gifts is public speaking and my style is fun, engaging, and inspiring Whether your audience is three to thousands, I’d love to serve you. Click below to see my speaker reel and to schedule a Speaker Discovery Call!


It’s always an honor to be a guest on amazing podcasts and radio shows from faith, to business, to marriage & family, and more! Check out my most recent guest spots here!
Purple background announcing Erin's partnership with C-Suite for Christ and being host of the Focused 15 for Faith & Business!

C-Suite For Christ

Here you’ll find my monthly series, Focused 15 for Faith and Business, as well as my 3-part Hustle with Heart Interview Series with C-Suite for Christ’s founder and CEO, Paul M. Neuberger.