4 Keys to Hustle with Heart: Key #4 – Develop – Ep 116

I am not a gardener or even good with growing flowers and I don’t know much about pruning times and all that. But I have felt the pain of God’s pruning, and I’ll tell you, it’s never easy but it is necessary for my development.

Do you remember a time you could feel His pruning? The thing is, development is the best part of our Hustle with Heart journey because it means we’re growing. We’re applying all we learn along the way as He defines us, directs us and we put His assignment into action with our discipline. As we follow these first three steps to success, we continue to grow in wisdom, better informed and able to repeat the process for continuous growth!

This week we conclude our 4 Keys to Hustle with Heart with Key #4: Develop, as in identifying the roadmap for our ongoing growth and development, and that of our businesses. 

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