4 Keys to Hustle with Heart – Key 1: God Defines – Ep 113

As a Christian business coach to ambitious women of faith (and being one myself), I find they’re most often struggling in some way with overwhelm, overachievement or under fulfillment (and many times, all three). As we work through the Hustle with Heart process, I’ve found there are four steps to success in teaching them to redefine hustle and pursue success God’s way: 

  1. Define: Discovering how God defines us, our purpose and ultimately, success.
  2. Direct: Discovering God’s direction for us in business.
  3. Discipline: Establishing the daily discipline for putting His definition and direction into action.
  4. Develop: Identifying the roadmap for our ongoing growth and development, and that of our businesses. 

And the foundation of it all is allowing God to be our CEO! 

Join me for this special series as I break down these four steps to success, starting with Step 1: Define! Because who better than He who created us to define: 


Who we are and whose we are.

What success means for every one of us.

Our path for making Kingdom impact.


And that is worthy of raising a hallelujah for us ambitious Christian entrepreneurs!


In a world of copies, remember: you are God’s original masterpiece!!


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