A new year of serving Him in life and business

If you’ve been following my blog this month, you’ll see a pattern of celebrations for our family:

January 1 – New Year’s Day and Brian’s birthday

January 8 – our anniversary

And today is my birthday!!

Yes, Brian and I are two weeks apart. Yes, we purposely got married the week between our birthdays. Because there was a fantastic discount 27 years ago at our wedding venue!

Yes, it makes January busy (not to mention Christmas just prior). Yes, we combine the celebrations – usually on a tropical beach (postponed a couple months because COVID is a thief).

53 years ago on a cold winter’s day, my 23 year-old mom had her first born. Flesh gave birth to flesh. Without her strength and love, I wouldn’t be here in the flesh.

If you read last week’s blog, you know that in October 2014, I was born again. Accepting Christ as my Savior, Spirit gave birth to spirit. Without Jesus’ love and sacrifice, I wouldn’t be His daughter. And that changed everything.

It changed who I am as a wife, mom, friend, sibling and business owner.

It changed how I “do” business, the intention behind my actions and the decisions I make on running my business.

It changed the focus of my business: from helping people live healthier, to equipping high achieving women of faith to pursue success God’s way in business. From wellness brand ambassador to author, coach and speaker (yes I do still have my Arbonne business 👍🏻😊)

Today I celebrate a new year of serving Him in life and business. A new year of building a business that honors Him and serves His people for Kingdom impact!

It brings me great joy to serve entrepreneurs as #thehustlewithheartcoach!

Tell me below how I can serve YOU in this new year? 👇🏻💜👇🏻💜👇🏻

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