My Story

I'm Erin Harrigan—Christ follower, wife, mom and God-centered entrepreneur... but that last part wasn't always the case.  Let me take you back a bit.

In 2010, I was seeking a way to regain control control over my time, without sacrificing a professional level income, by creating a Plan B for my Plan A corporate job. Entrepreneurship was on my radar but I had no idea how to shape it without compromising my already packed schedule. At just the right time, I was introduced to Arbonne and first embraced the value of giving my family healthier, safe products. I then realized the brilliance of owning the store where I shop, and the opportunity to build a business based on helping others succeed.


Transformation Through Christ

After living through a painful downsizing, I focused all effort on driving and striving in my business.  Between my corporate ladder climb, and building a successful network marketing business, I lost something along the way—JOY! All the driving and striving for titles, recognition, income levels, etc. wore me down and when I hit that wall, I wondered “is this it?” It froze me in place.

Thankfully an Arbonne mentor woke me up with her comment "You don't know who you are... and WHOSE you are." And the conversation that followed guided me to know Jesus... and THAT's when transformation really began! As I spent time with the Lord and in His Word, God started to break down my walls and break the strongholds in my life.  I started to understand my spiritual gifts of pastoring/shepherding, administration and giving mercy, and understand they were mean to work in synergy with my life and work lessons allowing my hindsight to be others' foresight on how to hustle with heart. From this, Erin Harrigan Consulting was born. 

Fast Forward to Now

Today, my test is my testimony, and I am honored to be God's messenger to share my lessons with others, helping people and organizations build businesses that honor God and serve His people. I invite you to explore this site and connect with to see how I can best serve you or your organization!