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Everyone Has A Story

Entrepreneur Life BC (before Christ)

I'm Erin Harrigan—Christ follower, wife, mom and God-centered entrepreneur... but that last part wasn't always the case.  Let me take you back a bit.

I've been a driver and striver all my life.  It's the road I chose out of growing up in poverty - work hard, go to school, get a job, work work work, earn big money, maybe retire some day.  23 years into that journey, with a big title, big salary, big 70% travel schedule, I was TIRED.  Tired of the grind, tired of missing out on our daughters' events, tired of missing my husband.  I started my entrepreneur journey in 2010 when I was desperate for a way off that hamster wheel, and I did what I knew: transferred my driving and striving into that business and built it big quickly.  It seemed to be perfectly timed...two years later I was let go from my job unexpectedly, and I was grateful to have had a plan B to keep us afloat (for a little while).

Still I was unfulfilled...having tied my identity to my accomplishments, I only saw myself as worthy when I was working hard and achieving BIG things.  I talked a good "Jesus" game, but I didn't truly have a relationship with Him.  Little did I know the bottomless hole I was trying to fill with stuff, accomplishment, income, titles, etc. was Jesus-shaped - and I was about to find out when my business started to shrink no matter how hard I worked.  God was moving my Pride Rock mountain to show me His will.  My entrepreneur life BC (before Christ) was about to change.


The Transformation Begins

With all the driving and striving, then my business shrinking (which I now know was God trying to wake me up),  I lost something along the way—JOY!  In the midst of it I wondered “Is this it?  Is this ever going to recover?  How much more can I do?” It froze me in place.  I picked up the phone, tail between my legs, and called a mentor in my business...fully not expecting what was to come next.

Thankfully a mentor in my business woke me up with her comment "You don't know who you are... and WHOSE you are." The conversation that followed guided me to know Jesus...and THAT's when transformation really began!  As I spent time with the Lord and in His Word, God started to break down my walls and break the strongholds in my life - pride and idolatry topped the list.  I started to understand my spiritual gifts of pastoring/shepherding, administration and giving mercy, and learn they were gifts that came to life in the unique purpose God had for me. He began to show me that His glory in my story and miracles in my mess gave me a testimony that could equip others - especially women entrepreneurs seeking to build a business with faith as a foundation.  He showed me that He makes beauty from ashes and He promised to do that from my journey, for me to share with others and equip them to pursue success His way.  He wanted my hindsight to be others' foresight, building on His insight...and that meant abiding in Him, aligning to Him allows His supernatural work to flow through and produce much fruit.  Way more than us working on our own could ever produce.

Entrepreneur Life AD (after dying to self in accepting Christ)

Talking with a friend, she described this as "hustle with heart," and to me that was God's whisper that coaching and speaking on this topic should be called Hustle with Heart.  Today, my tests are my testimonies, and I am honored to be God's messenger to share my lessons with others through speaking opportunities and personalized coaching.  It's not an easy road to follow God's definition of success vs. the world's, and daily I am challenged with more surrender, more obedience.  However, I can tell you 100% that walking and working in the center of His will is so much better, more peaceful, more joyous than trying to walk in my own.  And it's from that humble position that I share my personal stories with others to equip them to Hustle with Heart too.