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Hi, I'm Erin, and it's great to meet you!

Everyone Has A Story - mine is below

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To keep it simple, my story is shaped by some key roles:

You can get the full story of my business journey in my book – in fact, go get chapter one free now and read it!

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Fun Facts

So, since you’re getting chapter 1 free (you did go get that, right?!), here are some fun facts about me! 

Why I do what I do:

My story in a nutshell is: 

Ambitious woman gets lost on her way to the top and finds herself facedown on the berber carpet, wondering how she could be so unfulfilled by her success. She looks up, finds Jesus and He says, “Why don’t you let me drive for a while, and you hold this map (the Bible)?” After some struggle, and a LOT of redirecting (aka pruning), He says, “Now, go share this map with my ambitious daughters!”

He took the ashes left from the bondage of thoughts like:

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and redeemed them by answering my prayer for a better way to work – His way. Then He led me to help women like you through my speaking, coaching and writing. Walking through the recovery from driving, striving and achievement chasing gives me a real-life perspective that allows the ambitious women I serve to let my hindsight be their foresight, leaning on God’s insight.  

My mission is teaching ambitious women how to break free from that overwhelm and overachievement by redefining hustle, so they can walk out God’s assignment with clarity, serenity and fulfillment. I give them a SAFE space to integrate their faith and business with strategy, accountability, focus and encouragement,  helping them tune out the world, tune into God’s truth and turn up focus as they build thriving businesses.

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