Are we following our directions or God’s?

Ever feel like you *think* you know the general direction to go in your business, yet even as you follow the steps or sometimes the system for success, you don’t always have the results you thought?

🙋🏼‍♀️Been there, done that, have the t-shirt! 

Here’s what we need to ask ourselves:

🤔Are we following our directions or God’s?

Over my years of working with ambitious women in business, I’ve discovered we all have a common denominator:

We like to be in charge! We like to draw the map and follow our own directions (let’s not throw around that “control freak” title, k? 🤣)

Yet, as we walk this Hustle with Heart journey, surrendering to HIS direction is what brings us true peace, joy and fulfillment. And oh yeah, btw, the BEST Kingdom impact!


Being in communication with Him daily is key to knowing Him, understanding His character and promises, and trusting that Father really knows best. 


This business is His vehicle for you to best use your gifts and talents to reflect Christ’s light to the world. Through serving your clients, you have the best opportunity to change lives and generations. And trust me, He knows the path he’s predestined for you!


Let’s be committed to consistently giving Jesus the wheel and following His directions!

Ready to give God control in your business journey, but not sure how? The Hustle with Heart Course can help! Registration is NOW OPEN at Over $450 in bonuses await you when you register by 9pm tonight!! 


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