Are you feeling weary of trying to run ahead of Him?

Ever wonder what God must think about our self-centered world? Surely it’s not new to Him…it’s been this way since that darn serpent tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. I – I – I…

My friend Jessie @beaconofhope_jk is one of my faith mentors, and she wrote a book called Meditations by the Sea in 2018, that I sometimes pick up and let the Holy Spirit show me a page. (check it out at Today’s page was entitled God was the first “I” and she raised some interesting points about the “I” devices we carry around with us. I wonder, as she wrote, what God thinks of all this when He is the first “I” – the OG I AM.

What I love about the scripture she uses (Jeremiah 33:3) is that none of this I stuff or I devices or whatever else surprises God. He knows all, created all, and inspires all inventions (including those we carry around, and those that we haven’t even fathomed yet). We simply can’t get ahead of Him, no matter how hard we strive to do so (though we may not think that’s what we’re doing).

Are you feeling weary of trying to run ahead of Him? Make this post your moment to stop, breathe, and acknowledge He knows what’s to come. And He’s already claimed victory in it!

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