As you work to build a thriving business, do any of these sound familiar?​

If any of those thoughts resonate with you, this book is your roadmap for pursuing success God’s way! This is a great starting point for those new to bridging their faith and business, making God their business partner and learning to hustle with heart (and as a resource for our ongoing growth along the way!)

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The world is noisy. Everywhere we turn we see what is expected of us, including in business. Messages about powerful women entrepreneurs bombard us: Boss Babe! Supermom! Mom Boss! We are taught to envision a life of prosperity, push ourselves to succeed, do whatever it takes, and strive for recognition. Those channels promise success and prosperity, yet what happens when the promise is unfulfilled? Not because we didn’t succeed, but in the midst of our success. When I found myself hitting this successful-yet-something-was-missing wall, I was left feeling like there must be something wrong with me. Was I not focused enough? Did I not want “it” badly enough? Was I not willing to work hard enough? Was I not cut out to be an entrepreneur? These lies are just what the enemy wants us to believe, as he seeks to distract us from God’s purpose by planting seeds of discouragement, doubt, and discontent in our minds. When some major setbacks led me to seek answers, I encountered Jesus. And that changed everything I knew about business.

I wrote this book to bring hope to women like you and me, who desire to make an impact for God’s glory but aren’t sure if it’s possible (or even appropriate) to bridge faith and business. God gave us businesses to live out His purpose for us and to steward wisely. The only way to do this is with Him at the center, and that’s how we pursue success His way.

Leaders Praise Pursuing Success God's Way

As business professional of 20 years and a career entrepreneur, I highly recommend this book.
Wynne Briscoe
This book is a reality check for all women who aspire to make their actions and decisions count for something more than the trappings of success.
LeAnna Jayne Carey
In this beautiful book, Erin candidly shares her life transformation and pays her lessons forward.
Jessie Kretzer
A beautiful, encouraging, practical look at centering life around God
Dr. Andrea LaFountain
By gleaning from (Erin's) insights, you will undoubtedly gain clarity on how God desires you to have a successful business, for your reward and for His Glory
This book will help equip you to live out God's purpose for your business. Highly Recommended!
Brian J, Dixon