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Hustle with Heart Business Coaching

He calls me to coach...

If you read my story, you know that my transformation in Christ led to a shift in my view of success and business.  It also led me to fantastic mentors and coaches that helped me dig deep into my values to discover what I really wanted out of my business, whom it would impact, and how that would give me the success God planned for me. I looked around and realized…there are other amazing women just like me and they need someone to hold their hand too!  Hustle with Heart coaching was born.

What is Hustle with Heart?

It’s the best description I could think of for women who love the feeling of being successful, but are tired of the driving and striving. We still hustle, but it’s more intentionally impacting the world than chasing the numbers or the dollars. Yes, the numbers are important…and let’s face it, money is important - especially when we honor God in our stewardship of it. But I knew there had to be a better way to approach it – with God at the center, abiding in Him and what He calls us to be.  With peace, joy and with a servant heart. 

A good friend of mine said it’s driving from a different place in the mind and heart…it’s like we hustle with heart. A-HA! There was that feeling I’d been seeking…and I bet you just took a deep breath just now, feeling a wave of peace come over you because you’re thinking “YES! SOMEONE FINALLY GETS IT!” Yes, I do…I felt the same way. And I’m here to show you how to capture that feeling too so you can go make the impact you desire (and the money that goes along with it to change the world). 

My Approach to Coaching

My personalized business coaching for women focuses on Helping Entrepreneurs Align Results to God's Truth, supporting them in pursuing success God's way as they build a business that honors Him and serves His people. The program is customized to each client's needs and desired outcomes, and includes the insights, tools and action plans to step forward into His purpose for their business.

What Clients Have To Say

"Have you heard people say their business is their ministry and you wonder HOW? Well...I’ve got your girl! Please allow me to introduce you Erin Fagan Harrigan 😇❤️

I started working with Erin at the end of 2018 and I am SO GRATEFUL for her coaching. She helped me dig in and identify the real reason WHY I am in business and WHO I truly desire to serve. Before working with Erin I was trying to fit my business into my purpose. Erin helped me uncover that I had it BACKWARDS! My PURPOSE is first...and my business fits into that! It amazes me how sometimes the simplest thing is SO FREEING!

If you feel like you need some clarity around your business...or if you’re wondering where God is when it comes to your business...I highly recommend you reach out to Erin. She’s GOOD and YOU and the Tribe you were born to serve are worth it! 😇❤️"

- Jessica, Hustle with Heart Coaching Client, 2018-2019


Hustle with Heart Speaking

He calls me to speak...

Call me crazy, but I don't have a fear of public speaking...I actually really love it.  Yep, I'm certifiable, I know.  The opportunity to inspire, teach, and impart wisdom that enables my hindsight to be someone's foresight using God's insight is one of my greatest joys.  Its definitely not about the stage itself - I've spoken to groups of three to thousands, on virtual platforms and in person.  Its about the smile, the nod, the light bulb moment that I see in the audience (and sometimes hear in an "AMEN!"), knowing that I'm not the only one that's experienced what I'm sharing and something I share will give someone hope or a call to action that can change everything...maybe even bring them to the true hope of Christ.

My speaking style is straight-forward and fun, often sparking audience laughter and tears in the same session when I share my personal testimony of entrepreneur life BC (before Christ) and AD (after dying to self in accepting Christ).  I know God has called me to use my trials and triumphs to empower women to stand boldly for Christ at the center of their business, and speaking is one way I get to do it. Because when we center everything on Him, Kingdom impact happens.  

My most popular topics include:

Lessons From the Journey: Employee to Entrepreneur

How to Hustle with H.E.A.R.T.

God-Centered Entrepreneurship

Discerning I AM: Embracing Who the Bible Says You Are

The Importance of Being Authentic

God's Glory in Your Story: Finding the Miracles in the Mess

The Holy Spirit inspires my topics, so that list is subject to change at His whim.  

Be sure to check back for updates! 


Featured Speaking Engagements

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