D is for Discernment - Episode 132

D is for Discernment – Episode 132

Based on the truth that no Christian has ever been called to “go it alone” in his or her walk of faith (including business), we finish up our series on the power of community to provide us the fundamental ABCs (and a D) we crave in building a God-centered business, and this week we’re talking about Discernment.

Do you have prayer warriors in your life? You know, the ones whose prayers seem so powerful and to whom you turn for that next level discernment? 🙏🏻

What about for your business? 🤔

Earlier this month I asked you a question: Who’s in your corner? Who’s part of the community that keeps you accountable, lifts you up, encourages you? 🙌

Because we all need community, and one benefit of it is surrounding ourselves with the Godly discernment of others walking this Hustle with Heart journey alongside us. Because that helps us strengthen our discernment of God’s Word and wisdom for our business.

Listen in to today’s episode as we wrap up the Community series! 🎧

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In my conversations with Christian business women, I discovered a gap beyond the usual coaching, strategic and tactical support, and that gap is community. We need accountability, belonging, connection and discernment…because pursuing success God’s way looks different than the world’s way, and we need a community to keep us ROOTED in His purpose for our business! The ROOTED Group Coaching Membership fills this gap! God made us for community, and ROOTED is the community tailor made for accountability, supporting commitment and consistency, and a safe space for learning from and sharing with others. This membership is made for you, and it includes the self-paced Hustle with Heart Digital Course! Learn more at erinharrigan.com/ROOTED.

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