Developing Our Commitment: Fear to Focus - Episode 136

Developing Our Commitment: Fear to Focus – Episode 136

“You always have two choices: your commitment vs. your fear.” Sammy Davis Jr.

Why are we so afraid of commitment?

I mean, not ALL of us are I guess. But despite knowing that commitment generally means doing what we said we would do long after the excitement of starting it fades. And biblically means to trust God in any and all circumstances, and do what He’s give us to do (even when it doesn’t look the way we planned), I think our fear is the surrender of our way for His, right?!

What I mean is, embracing God’s direction for our business and even putting it into discipline means letting Him lead. And with our tight grip of supposed control, we’re a little afraid to let Him lead because…

➡️ what if it slows you down?

➡️ what if the results aren’t what we planned – like at all?

➡️ what if he redirects you?

It’s all part of how He prunes and molds us, and ultimately, our unwavering commitment to Him allows our development. I’m not saying it’s easy…but it’s always worth it.

Join me for the conversation as we employ the 4 Keys – Define, Direct, Discipline and Develop – to committing our work to the Lord (and download your own copy of the 4 Keys guide at ).

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