Discipline, what’s that?

Ever feel like you’ve got your to-do list, but your day goes off the rails sometimes?

Wonder how to put discipline in place to walk out God’s defining and directing so you can find CLARITY?

I get it because although to-do lists are my zone of genius (just ask my kids…they were trained well LOL), I can still find myself in a thick fog of distraction that gets me off course.

Yet it’s amazing how smoothly our business goes – and the fruit we produce – when we establish a daily discipline and allow God’s discipline too. Discipline also unlocks clarity, and breaks the chains of overwhelm and overachievement. Because with a discipline in place, we’re most effective for His Kingdom purpose and impact!

If discipline is your kryptonite, I’ve got a tool for that! Comment below or DM me and I’ll send it to you. And if you need more personalized support, DM me to schedule a discovery call today!

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