Distracted by...oh look, a squirrel!

Distracted by…oh look, a squirrel!

I’ve got a confession to make.


I’ve never seen the movie UP.


You know: that heartwarming @disney @Pixar movie that combines a widower with a promise to fulfill for his late wife, a wilderness explorer trying to earn a badge, and a talking dog that’s easily distracted by squirrels. 


So I’m sure you’re wondering if I’ve never seen the movie, how do I know all these details? 


#1 – because every time the trailer aired with the dog being distracted by a squirrel I thought “I am in touch with that emotion and I feel seen!”

#2 – Wikipedia is my friend.


And what I know is (just like that dog whose name is Dug, btw), I am easily prone to get drifting off course with the allure of shiny objects, squirrels and spiraling thoughts. Even in the midst of God’s positioning and provision.


How about you?  Drop a 🙋🏼‍♀️ in the comments if you can relate!


My private coaching clients have been talking about drifting and distractions a lot lately, and I’ve helped them restore focus by tuning out the world and tuning into God’s truth. Because the enemy wants us drifting in distraction, and the obstacles always come when we’re walking out God’s assignment (remember John 16:33?) and pursuing success His way (not the world’s way). 


Friend, the only way out is through.


Abiding in the vine gets us through…because by staying connected, our strength grows (John. 15:4-5). He nourishes us to build endurance and perseverance (James 1:2-4)


So remember this acronym: FOCUS








And if you need a guide to walk alongside you with accountability, biblical truth, connection and discernment, let’s explore how I can help you. Schedule your discovery call at my link in bio.




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