I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts. Psalm 119:45

Do we test the boundaries or seek out His precepts?

Every child needs boundaries and discipline. It’s funny how as teenagers we all felt constrained and restricted by our parents’ (or guardians) rules, right? The last thing we wanted to do was seek out their rules purposely. I don’t know about you, but I was more likely to test the boundaries to see where the rules existed vs. seeking them out before doing something that may teeter on the edge.

Kind of like a dog learning to stay within an electric fence 🐶🤣🤪

I think the same could be said about our walk with the Lord. Do we test the boundaries (yep) or seek out His precepts (also yes)? What I’ve learned in pursuing success God’s way is that there is great freedom in seeking His instruction and choosing to obey Him. Because what is created outside of His will must be maintained outside of it too.

And I’d surely rather seek, obey and walk in the center of His will! How about you?

What I love about King David’s words in this verse is that it feels like an a-ha moment: I walk at liberty (here the meaning is in wide open space, unencumbered or held back) because I seek Your precepts! And It’s in the obedience of His word that freedom is realized: we are free to live as He created us to live, and all for His glory.

Our assignment in business is where we get to operate freely in His will. And how do we know what to do? We seek and obey His precepts.

Let us walk head high, reflecting Christ’s light in and through our business, knowing that freedom is found in following His instructions. Lord, I pray we’ll feel so free that we have the courage to tell others about You, and demonstrate Your love to all those we serve through our business!

Need some prayer over this? DM me!

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