The Code of Clarity

Can you embrace opportunities for something greater from the Lord? 



Missed expectations.



All situations that are normal as you build your business (and sometimes they happen multiple times in a single day, right?). What would you add to this list of things that get in the way of the goals you’re working toward?


I’ve got a question for you: Can you embrace these as opportunities for something greater from the Lord? 


I mean, of course you can…


But will you?


Will you see these situations as opportunities for God’s redemption? Perhaps as a training ground for something greater or more impactful? 


In a recent coaching session, my client shared all of the above happening in one of the income streams in her business. And while we honored the emotions around them (resentment, bitterness, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety), we didn’t stay there long. Because we shifted her focus to foundation of clarity she has: knowing how God defines and directs her, knowing He has a purpose for her business, and knowing (and revisiting) her daily discipline (aka, daily mode of operation). And from that vantage point, her perspective shifted. 


It almost seemed like she was opening a safe. Cracking the code of clarity, if you will. Carefully turning that dial until the last position clicked and unlocked. 


And at that moment she could see how God was redeeming all of it. These experiences serve as:

⭐️ knowledge she’ll pass on in her upcoming course offering

⭐️ anecdotes for her future speaking engagements

⭐️ wisdom as she writes job descriptions for her expanding agency team


Friend, I’ll tell you what I told her: nothing is wasted in the Kingdom. The way I see it, He gave us the code for clarity when things go sideways yet we acknowledge He’s in charge: 


Numbers 23:19 – God is not a man that he should lie

Isaiah 55:11 – His word does not return void, but accomplishes what He purposed and succeeds in that purpose. 


Hold onto those verses today. And if you need help with clarity in your business, hit me up at the link in bio!




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