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Episode 38: Our Rebellion, His Grace

Sometimes when we read the Old Testament, we’re pretty judgmental of the Israelites and their rebellious ways.  I find myself saying, “Come on…just obey…it’s so clear what God wants to do for you!” Yet, we tend toward rebellion, and especially in our businesses where we know what WE can do to make thing happen, even when God is waiting for us to sit down, be still, and watch His miraculous work! Even in our rebellion He is gracious…and patient…and merciful…and loving…and, well the list goes on.  Come unpack Isaiah 30:21 with us and see for yourself!

The community Erin references in the call to action for listeners is the Success God’s Way community on FB- where God-centered entrepreneurs gather to support, encourage and lift up others building businesses that honor God and serve his people.  You’re invited to join us there! Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and keep up with the blog and updates at, and please leave a review on iTunes!

Reference Verses:
Isaiah 30:1-21
1 Corinthians 15:58

Romans 8:28

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