We turned the tables this week when my friend Erin Lewis, founder of the Dream Queen Foundation and an agency owner with Goosehead Insurance, took over the host mic and interviewed me about my new book Pursuing Success God’s Way: A Practical Guide to Hustle with Heart! We dug deep into the book, it’s purpose and message, and I hope you will love this episode and share it!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of the book yet, now’s the time because my goal this first week (March 31-April 7) is to sell 1,000 copies, all proceeds from which will be donated to the Elaine’s Gift Foundation – a fund I established to award scholarships to the children of single moms, honoring my mom whom we lost 17 years ago this May. For more information about Elaine’s Gift, visit https://www.cfsomd.org/elaines-gift-fund/

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The community referenced in the ending message is the Pursuing Success God’s Way Community on FB- where God-centered entrepreneurs gather to support, encourage and lift up others building businesses that honor God and serve his people.  You’re invited to join us there! Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and keep up with the blog and updates at www.erinharrigan.com, and please show your love by giving this podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on @applepodcasts!

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