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Episode 75: Action = Faith in motion

In my conversations with fellow God-centered entrepreneurs, I hear the common ground that we all want to build a business that honors God and serves His people, and we have faith that if we are fully surrendered and obedient on this Hustle with Heart journey, we will make great impact. However, I also hear of the ongoing personal development through books, training courses, etc. that we don’t seem to be applying because we’re not taking action in applying what we learn! Or worse, we’re not taking action in truly serving other by sharing our services, our products, our business opportunity because we’re not sending the message or picking up the phone to ask. Friends, we have got to put feet to our faith because our action is faith in motion! We know faith without works is dead AND God made us to take action! So what are we waiting for?

Reference verses:
James 1:25
James 2:18-26

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