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Episode 77: Faith in the Fourth Watch

Well, it’s official. Q4 2020 is upon us, and by now it’s worn out to say it, but I’m saying it: 2020 is not what we thought it would be when we made our plans January 1! Right now, you’re probably reading all the usual “finish strong” posts and mantras for your business, no matter what business you’re in. And all that’s true. Still, in all that chatter, there’s something we can’t overlook. Something that brings unsurpassed peace to us God-centered entrepreneurs (and can bring peace to those seeking it). And that is this truth: The Lord is unchanging. Join us to take a look at what we learn from the disciples’ “fourth watch” experience with Jesus, and how this gives us faith for our fourth watch of 2020!

Reference verses:
Matthew 14:24-33
Isaiah 40:8

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