Are you putting feet to your faith?

Faith is a belief system. Trust is an action.

It was 2015, and I was struggling to understand how to put my newly-revived faith into action. See, I had just come to saving grace in Jesus a few months earlier, and I was struggling with surrender as He worked to prune the dead branches of idolatry and pride away, while also pruning the fruitful branches so they’d produce more fruit. Note, these were NOT the branches I thought should grow bigger. At the time I believed God had a purpose for my network marketing business to be bigger, but the action I was taking didn’t seem to be working as my business seemed to be going backward. 

Looking back I can see it was all purposeful: He was teaching me to redefine hustle and pursue success His way to prepare me to to speaking and coaching ambitious women (like me) on this exact topic.

On a whim (let’s face it, we know that’s really Holy Spirit prompting), I googled “what is the difference between faith and trust,” and it led me to an article on Guideposts with the exact title in my search. Of course it did. And it answered so clearly where I struggled in that moment:

Faith is a belief system.

Trust is an action.

Faith is believing God is God and I am not, and He definitely knows best for me, even when things don’t look like they’re working out my way.

Trust is obediently taking the action He’s directed.

It reminds me of Gideon: questioning if God really picked the right person, and how the heck a battle could be won by 300 after the Lord sent 30,000+ home. 

So here’s a question to ponder: is your level of trust matching your level of faith? Are you truly putting feet to your faith by taking action? Or are you professing faith but not putting one foot in front of the other? 

Deep thoughts for a Friday, right? Let me help you with two actions: 

  1. Go listen to this week’s podcast episode on your fave network or @edifi_app
  2. Grab your visitor pass for my live group coaching on November 7 at my link in bio

And drop a comment below if this faith+trust equation resonates with you!




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