Fulfillment gone wrong: Feed me, Seymour!

Fulfillment gone wrong: Feed me, Seymour!

We all yearn for fulfillment. We seek it out and the world tells us to go for more because YOLO. 


The thing is, fulfillment the world’s way is like the plant in @littleshopofhorrors. Never satisfied.


Feed me, Seymour!


Trying to feed fulfillment on your own chains you up in overwhelm.


Feed me, Seymour!!


Trying to do more to earn fulfillment chains you up in overachievement.


Feed me, Seymour!!!


The yearning is never quenched by the achievements, the money, the stuff or the business milestones.


Consider this: the tree of life wasn’t enough for Adam and Eve…and that Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was just so tempting.

Some things never change: The world is loud and shiny things distract us. We’re tempted at every turn by the latest, greatest rewards of success. 


But there is a better way: understanding and accepting that true fulfillment is found in the Lord. 


🗝 In how He defines us as His own.

🗝 In His faithfulness to complete what He starts, when we allow Him to direct us.

🗝 In honoring God with our discipline (our time and obedience).

🗝 And as we apply this approach to life and business over and over, we develop into contentment with Christ alone.


I invite you to tune out the world, tune into God’s truth, and turn up focus to build your Kingdom business! 


How? The 4 Keys guide at my link in bio is a start. And it’s what I help Christian women like you do…DM me to chat about how I can help you! 




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