Fulfillment: No One Hit Wonder - Episode 144

Fulfillment: No One Hit Wonder – Episode 144

Have you ever wandered from one topic to another, like your synapses are firing and taking you down one tunnel to another? And then you wonder how the heck did I even get on this topic?


That was me as I prepared today’s episode, tying the bow on the fulfillment series. Here’s how it went: 


Every day we get to decide where we’re seeking fulfillment, and if we discover we’re chasing the empty things of the world, we can repent from that and allow God to remind us (again) that fulfillment is found only in Him. That made me think…


Fulfillment is not a one hit wonder. 


That made me think about music one hit wonders, and I spent time trying to remember some favorite songs. 


That let me to the @google search for top one hit wonders of the 80’s (because I love the all things 80’s), which led me to @vh1 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the ’80s! You can find a link to the list below.


So now that we’re down the rabbit trail together…let’s wrap up this series on fulfillment by understanding we get to accept God as our portion every single day!


Scripture references: These verses were part of the message in today’s episode. Follow along as you listen, and/or use them for your own continued study.

Psalm 63:1-8

1 Samuel 12:21

Phillippians 4:5-7

Ephesians 2:10

John 16:33

Romans 8:28


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Links referenced in this episode: 


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