The Call to Commitment

God calls us to commitment in this business vehicle

Commitment: to give in trust or charge, especially for safekeeping; to bind or obligate, as by pledge or assurance.

When we became entrepreneurs, commitment was the first action we took. Before one thing was written, one call made, one thing created, or one product sold, we first made a commitment to actually do the work. 

Yet have you ever thought about how God calls us to commitment in this business vehicle He’s given us to impact the Kingdom?

That level of commitment is more than the commitment we made to ourselves. It’s borne out of our commitment to following Christ and it’s the anchor of all we do in business, if we’re truly pursuing success God’s way

Commitment is showing up daily and saying YES.

Yes to letting Him lead. Yes to doing the work. Yes to staying the course even (and especially) when the results don’t look anything like we planned. It’s the commitment to work consistently as working for Him and not for man (Colossians 3:23). And it’s commitment to trusting Him to direct our steps.

It’s a daily decision that impacts generations we will never meet: When we keep our commitment to the assignment God’s predestined for us, we keep the commitment to serving those He’s aligned to us, and that impacts their lives and legacies.

If that feels like a lot on your shoulders, remember that He didn’t make you to do it alone. And He will establish your thoughts and direct your steps. Trust Him and commit.

Are you committed to your business? Drop a 🙌🏻🙌🏻to say yes!

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