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God has positioned you in a place for maximum Kingdom impact

Ever feel like where you are is not quite where you planned or expected?


Like things are NOT going as planned, and you’re looking for some map coordinates?


I hear you…me too!


Here’s the truth: God has positioned you in a place for maximum Kingdom impact. And this positioning is often neither a quick nor direct route, but it perfectly prepares us for the Kingdom work He has for you.


In other words, you were created perfectly to do the good works God created for you to do before the beginning of time! 


In case you’re wondering…positioning is found throughout the Bible. Think of Joseph and all the twists and turns his story took. From his position in his father’s house, to slavery, to false accusations, to being jailed, but finally being raised to second-in-command. His journey was neither straightforward nor easy, and certainly not quick. The same is true for us. 


Let me assure you that I am challenged by this, too. It’s hard to wait on the Lord and let Him lead when we have our own ideas and agenda. But, when we do, there comes a time when we look around and realize where He’s placed us is so much better than where our map would have taken us!


Drop a 🙌🏻 below if you can relate!


PS if embracing and activating God’s business strategy has you stuck, let’s chat about how I can help! Schedule 15 minutes with me at my link in bio.




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