God's Business Strategy: He Prepares - Episode 155

God’s Business Strategy: He Prepares – Episode 155

Do you ever feel a bit unqualified or ill-equipped for your business? Me too, friend. However, if we believe that God has given us this business for impacting the world, then we have to believe that He has equipped us – prepared us – for that work! 


Continuing our convo on the 4 P’s of God’s Business Strategy, this episode unpacks how He prepares us:


1 – through the Holy Spirit – whose JOB is to equip and empower us,

2 – through His Word – which thoroughly prepares us with God’s wisdom,

3 – through blessing us with a sound mind, self-discipline, and self-control.


And guess what? These 4 P’s align to our “Four Keys to Redefine Hustle.” Download your copy at https://erinharrigan.com/4Keys


Be sure to check out Mark Altrogge’s blog on how God prepares us! 


Scripture references in this episode:

These verses were part of the message in today’s episode. Follow along as you listen, and/or use them for your own continued study.

John 16:25-26

1 Corinthians 2:16

Matthew 6:33

John 16:33

2 TImothy 1:7

Ephesians 1:3-5

1 Peter 1:13

Psalm 54:6-7

Psalm 118:5-6


If embracing and activating God’s business strategy has you stuck, let’s chat about how I can help! Schedule 15 minutes with me at https://erinharrigan.com/discoverycall .


Links referenced in this episode:  

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The Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible that I use

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