Got a question for you: Who’s the boss of your business?

Where are my 80’s kids who loved some @tonydanza and @judithlight on this show? It’s ok, raise your hand and show your age! 🤣 Who was really in charge in that house? 🤣

Got a question for you:

Who’s the boss of your business?

Is it you? Is it money? Or is it God?

Ever feel like you’re working, working, working, chasing the money or the promotion or some other outcome, and those things are the boss of you?

That was me a few years ago, when money ruled my every thought. When I had it, I white-knuckled every moment to hold onto it. When I didn’t have it, I obsessed over where would it come from? How much did we need? Would we have enough?

On Monday’s podcast, I pulled back the curtain on our personal financial journey and how God delivered us through it. Give it a listen at my link in bio.

I share this because it’s #financialliteracymonth, and there are so many resources that can help anyone that wants a healthy relationship with money, and giving God His rightful place in charge of your business. Because when He’s the boss, there is true freedom – and we do our very best work when we let Him lead!

So, who was the boss in that house: Tony or Angela? Share your answer in the comments!

Erin, please include #debtfreecommunity and #financialliteracymonth in the comment

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