Guest Interview with Amy Williams

Are you ready for our latest amazing guest interview? Hold onto your seat, friends, because she’s bringing fire today talking about the struggle is real but so is God!

Amy is passionate about helping women and her podcast, @theamywilliamsshow, is all about helping Christian business women be successful and know they are never alone in their journey! Amy believes that now, more than ever, women need to unite, lift each other up, and come together to support each other. As she says, “what better way to highlight others’ personal and professional stories, share about our faith, and reach people around the globe than a podcast?!”

I was honored to be a guest on her show in July, and just like then, we seriously had so much fun recording this! 


Go follow her at @theamywilliamsshow @theamywilliamscoaching, listen to her podcast and of course subscribe to both of our shows!

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