Guest Interview with Jessica Hottle

I was so honored when today’s guest reached out to me about being on my show because I knew I’d seen her content as part of She Works His Way, and they shares amazing Biblical content for women like us!

Jessica is steadfast in this fact: by challenging the way you think we can change the way we live. As a faith-based fitness coach, podcast host, speaker, and author, she teaches women how to dismantle the lies that keep them from healing and wholeness. As she says, “It’s time to patiently run your race of grace towards freedom in spirit, soul, and body, as you partake in the journey of undoing and becoming who you are in Christ!”

So many drop-the-mic moments in this conversation, it was hard to choose a clip! I can’t wait for you to hear it – listen now at my link in bio! 

Connect with Jessica as listed below because she has a new book coming and you don’t want to miss it:

Instagram: @jessicahottle @livingfreelivinghealthy

Listen to her podcast, What’s God’s Truth at

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