Happy Thanksgiving!

Usually today is Black Friday, but we can all agree 2020 is not the usual. With so much of our “normal” taken from us this year, including maybe what Thanksgiving usually looks like, it’s easy to feel there’s nothing to rejoice over. Nothing that makes us want to give thanks in all circumstances.

Anyone…anyone? Bueller?

It’s ok to admit it…and then give yourself grace to feel what you feel.

Still, we don’t have to dwell there, because God’s will for us in Christ Jesus instructs us to:

💜Rejoice always
💜Pray continually
💜Give thanks in all circumstances


Rejoice in being created, chosen, so loved! For what we do have, what we get to experience, and all the seemingly little ways God shows up daily. (not easy)

Pray continually – not simply for what we want or wish we had, but (like I said 3 weeks back) for people we love, people we don’t love, our world. (even harder) Keep prayer on your lips, in your mind, in your heart.

Give thanks in all circumstances. All. Of. Them. Every valley experience teaches us, grows us, strengthens our faith and inspires our trust in taking a step forward. As Dr. Charles Stanley @intouchmin says in his Life Principles Bible, “We learn more in our valley experiences than on our mountaintops.”

As we say goodbye to November, and enter the last 35 days of 2020, let’s recall these instructions in our businesses and lives and finish the year with fresh perspective.

What’s one thing you’re rejoicing for right now? 💜👇🏻💜👇🏻💜👇🏻💜
Tag a friend that needs this encouragement too!

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