Hold up, this wall wasn’t here before!

Does your clarity ever feel like it goes foggy or fuzzy all of a sudden?

Or you’ve got things lined up and then BAM, you hit a wall of obstacles?

It’s a little like when you go on vacation, and come home to find new construction or a new traffic pattern in your town, right? You know what I mean…

Guess what…that’s par for the course! Jesus told us we’d have trouble (John 16:33), and that He has overcome the world.

Still, while we lean into His victory, the obstacles just stink, right?! Even though we know they build our endurance and perseverance. Even though they might be there to redirect us to something better (like that new road construction).

Listen, I get it – I’m right there with you. Let’s pray through that together, ok? Comment below or DM me with your current obstacle, and we’ll pray together.

And if you need more personalized support through this, schedule a discovery call with me to see how we can work together.

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