How to Play it SAFE in Your Business

How to Play it SAFE in Your Business

Play it SAFE in your business.  As your faith-first business coach, helping you stay focused and fruitful, I’ve got a gold nugget of expert business advice for you. 

It’s so good, you probably haven’t even heard it before. Ready?


It’s time to play it safe, friend.


Yes, YOU, ambitious Christian woman building your Kingdom business. Playing it safe is the way to go!


Wait, what?? That’s so NOT the way to do business, right?! 


Actually, playing it SAFE is the best way to let God lead and keep your commitment to doing your part:


S = Strategy, which is all about how you will walk out God’s defined and directed assignment. (Remember our 4 Keys? Grab a copy at Yes, God has promised to provide for and perfect you, but there it still takes your action. Your strategy is the map for putting faith into action to achieve your mission in the marketplace. 


A = Accountability, which is vital for your discipline because while you probably know what to do, doing it consistently even when the fruit isn’t yet sprouting is what truly leads to growth and the eventual harvest. Having accountability partners, a coach and/or community will take you further than doing it alone.


F = Focus, which is remaining steadfast in your assignment, even in the ups and downs. This is where endurance and perseverance come in, and where your faith is tested. When you’re feeling foggy or like you’re on shaky ground in your business, remember this acronym: 







E = Encouragement, especially without judgment. Surround yourself with those who will encourage, admonish, and hold you up with truth and love. Encouragement stirs up your love and good works. The right community around you is critical for walking out your assignment.


So tell me…do you have this SAFEty net in your business? Tag a friend who’s got your back!


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