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HwH Entrepreneur Interview Series: Business and Relationship Coaching by The Cooper Culture

The monthly HwH Entrepreneur Interview Series continues with my friends and guests Ron & Marty Cooper, founders of The Cooper Culture, a principle-based business that values people to help them reach their full potential by overcoming various belief systems. The mission of The Cooper Culture is to advance people and businesses to reach their full potential.

Ron and Marty have been married for 52 years and are business partners in “The Cooper Culture.” Ron served his country 22 years as an F-4 fighter pilot and later as an aerospace industry executive. Marty served her country with 36 years as a federal government leader. They are leveraging that experience in The Cooper Culture to advance people and businesses to achieve their full potential through coaching, leadership training, and public speaking. In their words, “By espousing and living the principles of faith and intentional living, we will give people reason to want to add value to others.” There is so much wisdom and value they have to share – I’m excited for you to experience it!

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