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HwH Entrepreneur Interview Series: Thriving Thoughts with Dr. Sherri

New to The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. podcast: our monthly interview series!  We kick off this month with a fantastic interview of Dr. Sherri, a devoted follower of Christ who champions women to thrive in thought and life, in any and every circumstance! Through thought coaching, writing, speaking, and hosting her podcast, Thriving Thoughts with Dr. Sherri, she proclaims the message that women have the influence to speak truth over the little lies that threaten our purpose, fulfillment and, above all, our ability to thrive!

Dr. Sherri shrewdly connects with the hearts and minds of women by offering transparency, comedy, and transformative truths. She candidly shares pivotal discoveries on her journey from a traditionally-practicing clinical psychologist to shifting perspectives and speaking life to women worldwide, compelling them to make manifest the lives they were intended to live; lives of meaning, passion, and purpose, as they discover and deliver their inherent value to the world.

A note from Dr. Sherri:

I am convinced that our minds must be equipped with love, crafted with discipline, and transformed with truth to live a life that thrives. Sisters, we have invested precious grit perfecting an unfit mind, one that is fueled by critique, pessimism, and unworthiness, all of which are deadly lies. We are all susceptible to a malignant thought world that keeps us suffering, or merely surviving.

There is an attainable and powerful alternative, an intervention of truth that sentences lies to death.  Your journey toward creating and daily walking in a thriving thought world is possible.  I promise.  I also guarantee you will stretch, grow, and flourish in surprisingly beautiful, and sometimes painful, ways.  I’ve lived in a suffering thought world.  I know what it’s like to believe the lie that surviving was par for the course.  Now, even in my darkest places, I’ve learned the power of thriving.

Will you invite me in to share what I’ve learned so you, too, can stop surviving and start thriving, whenever, wherever you are?  You are uniquely designed, called to a purpose, and deserving of a life that thrives. I want to be the cheerleader running beside you on your victory lap as well as the voice of truth whispering in your ear when you think you can’t take one more step.  It’s time, sister.  Let’s thrive.

As Dr. Sherri says, “You were created on purpose, for a purpose — and the world needs YOU!” You can connect with Dr. Sherri through the links below:

Instagram: @dr.sherrispeaks
Podcast on iTunes & Spotify (Thriving Thoughts with Dr. Sherri)
540-535-5783 (Direct Mobile)
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