Interview with Dr Joy’el Ballard – Harnessing God’s Power

First Monday of the month means a fantastic entrepreneur interview is coming your way! Today we welcome Dr. Joy’El Ballard to the show – author, speaker and board-certified OB/GYN, and perimenopause health coach!

Get comfy and listen to our beautiful conversation of her journey in business with God at the helm. We covered a lot in our time together: her mission to guide women through healthy aging and menopause, raising her kids to be future leaders, and her experience with education and business as a woman of color. I promise you, it’s a powerful episode!

Definitely check out her coaching program Menopausal Moguls:The Power of the P.A.U.S.E. – you can STILL be part of it!

Be sure to follow Dr. Joy’El at:

FB: @drjoyel

IG: @drjoyel

Catch her podcast too: Midlife-ish: Slay Menopause Through Mindful Living

And registration is NOW OPEN for the 5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge! These 5 days will shift how you define success and pursue it God’s way, so register today at and bring a friend!

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