Overused phrase or truth?

Is it an overused phrase or is it the truth?

Ever feel like a phrase is so overused that it’s hard to believe it could even be true?

Or it’s used by people of some authority or “older” generations, and you think “Really? Is that all you’ve got?”

Or it’s so cliche, you think it can’t truly apply to your situation?

Yep, I hear you. The phrase I’m thinking of here is “Let go, let God.” 

🙄🙄🙄 I saw that 

Stick with me here. What if the letting go is really about taking our hands off the proverbial steering wheel in our life and business to let Him take over? Funny that “let go, let God” sounds better as @carrieunderwood singing Jesus Take the Wheel, right?! (PS Carrie, love that song BTW!)

Sometimes we need to #letgoletGod because we truly cannot manage all the chaos. Sometimes we think we can manage it, but we’re tired, it’s not going like we thought, and we’re burning out from all the driving (and striving and hustle). Here’s a tip for all of us: just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

🙌🏻 What if the letting go is making God chairman of the board or CEO of our business? Seriously, what a powerful CEO He makes! 

🙌🏻 What if it means leaving the anxiety, worry, and overwhelm at His feet so we can walk forward without that baggage and we could be more effective Kingdom entrepreneurs because of it? 

🙌🏻 What if in that surrender we could experience His grace, unsurpassed peace, and rest for our racing mind? That thought brings me a deep sigh of relief, how about you?

What if instead of this being a cliche, it’s actually a landmark on the journey of pursuing success God’s way and the map to finding calm in a chaotic world? 

Comment with your thoughts below or DM me!


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