It is finished.

Jesus Last Words Were Simple and Clear: It is finished


Before Jesus breathed his last on the cross, His last words were simple and clear: 




Not only was His work complete, but it meant that nothing else was required for our salvation. Ever. At all.


Salvation is His gift to us. Out of His love for us. It cannot be earned.


He fulfilled it all. And He is our fulfillment.


Not checking one more box on the to do list.

Not one more sales.

Not one more achievement.


All that is required is our surrender. And our ultimate purpose, as @sheworksHisway says so clearly is to love people and make disciples.


So what does this mean for being disciplined in your business?


Focus on letting God define and direct your work.

Focus on serving by loving people and reflecting Christ’s light in the market place (because that’s your mission in the market place, right @averyforrest ?)

Because as His co-laborers, our discipline, rooted in obedience, ultimately brings fulfillment.


Start by asking yourself: “Have I done the last thing God’s asked me to do?” 

Then go do that.


Can I get an AMEN?! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻




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