The Call to Consistency

Just like commitment, consistency is a daily decision

So you committed to “doing” business when you decided to start, and you’ve taken action. But do you ever feel like you start and stop, or gain momentum then it fizzles out?

I’m raising my hand here because I live that struggle too. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Just like commitment, consistency is a daily decision.

And just like God honors commitment, He honors consistency too.

Consistency isn’t only about getting things done and being productive. Consistency is how we apply commitment. It’s the discipline of daily work. God honors consistency because consistency honors God.

When we are consistent, we keep the commitment we’ve made to ourselves, and more importantly to God, to create and grow a productive business for His Kingdom. Our consistency keeps commitment to the people He has pre-appointed for us to serve.  When we keep these commitments, our confidence is strengthened. Our business partners, the people in our network, and our clients become confident in our service and know they can trust us. As confidence in us grows, so do the introductions and connections, referrals, and new business opportunities.

Don’t just take it from me:

“The strength is in the repeat not the retreat.” @bishopjakes

“Small disciplines done consistently lead to big results over time.” @craiggroeschel

“Little step, little step, little step…look for the opportunity.” @keith.kochner

“The impact of finishing is greater than the excitement of starting.” @stevenfurtick @elevationchurch

God is calling us to consistency…will we answer His call or send it to voicemail? Drop a comment below!

PS For more on this topic, catch the next episode of my podcast on June 21 (episode 104)! Be sure to subscribe to get the latest episodes too!

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