What do you stand for?

Knowing what you stand for makes all the difference! 

This blog post isn’t about politics, though I do love a good political musical. @hamiltonmusical


It’s about clarity. Just like Hamilton’s question to Burr. As in: are you clear, Mr. Burr (sir), about what you stand for?


Same is true for your business. Are you clear what you stand for? I mean are you clear about your message and whom you serve? 


That clarity is all about knowing on Whom your foundation is built. What message He’s given you to share and with whom. 


And your obedience to following His directions. 


Clarity brings everything into focus. And with that focus, you can walk out God’s assignment on steady ground. There is a cause for clarity, and your Kingdom impact depends on it.


Like Peter getting distracted walking on the water and starting to sink. Then he looked back at Jesus, regained focus and became steady again.








Knowing what you stand for makes all the difference! 


So tell me, what do you stand for in your business? Share it below, or leave a  Share it with us, or drop a 💪🏼 leave a (strong arm emoji) in the comments if you’re working on it…


(And if you need help with clarity, you know I’m here for you and I’d love to be your coach – book 15 minutes with me to explore!)




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