Lean into the awe of what our hope in Christ means

We’ve officially entered the last month of 2020, and while many of us are ready to say good riddance to this year, here’s a challenge for us all today:

What if we looked at this as the start of the season of joy and hope?

Stick with me a minute.

December marks the season for celebrating our hope in light of the world born in a manger. It’s the season of celebrating new beginnings with the promise of a new year. Not to mention all those December birthdays we know, right?

What if we decided to lean into the awe of what our hope in Christ means? It means being anchored in Him, unswayed by the shifting sands of the world. It means His victory is bigger than anything we face. It means peace that surpasses understanding.

Leaning into the awe of His wonders, as the morning dawns and the evening fades.

Leaning into our businesses being a vehicle for reflecting His light to a world that so needs it.

Leaning into our Hustle with Heart journey to pursue success His way for His glory. And to help our fellow God-centered entrepreneurs do the same.

It’s not always easy with the world’s chaos swirling around us. Yet we always get to choose.

Who’s ready to join me in songs of joy today? Tag a friend that needs this encouragement!

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Erin – here’s the link: https://bit.ly/3eVOKAK

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