Let’s promise each other we’ll be Present Over Perfect

It’s Christmas Eve – can you believe it?! Many of you will gather with family and friends tonight, perhaps attend a midnight church service, and then some will be up really, really late putting the finishing touches on those gifts under the tree. Those late nights wrapping and putting things together was one of my fave parts of Christmas Eve when my girls were little.

I’d love to hear about your Christmas Eve traditions, but first…

Could I ask you to join me in a pinky promise?

Let’s promise each other that tomorrow and in the days that follow we’ll be:


😒No comparison.
😑No elusive pursuit of Pinterest perfection.
😵‍💫No trying to squeeze in every client or project to chase the dollars.
😳No filling every inch of white space in the calendar with business before people shut down for a week (I feel exposed 🤣).

Find serenity NOW in surrender to this beautiful season and let God do His work in you. Break the chains of overwhelm, overachievement and under fulfillment with the 4 keys I gave you before, and it will unlock serenity. Today’s podcast will help too!

Our Christmas Eve tradition is gathering with my siblings for family, food and gifts.

It’s our way to honor Mom’s tradition, and it’s one of our favorite parts of Christmas. Now it’s your turn to share in the comments!

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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