Work With Me

So, how can we work together?

Now that you’ve gotten to know me better, you’re probably thinking, “WOW! This sounds like what I’ve been looking for! How do I work with you, Erin?”

I’m so glad you asked because I’d love to work with you too! Check out all the ways we can work together to strengthen your pursuit of success God's way and build your thriving business!

5-Day Challenge

Do you believe God has a purpose for your business, but you struggle with surrendering to let Him lead? The 5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge can help you overcome that! It’s time to shift how we define success and strengthen how we pursue success God’s way!

Rooted Group Coaching Membership

Exclusive members-only group coaching community, providing business owners with accountability, belonging, focus, and a safe space for learning from and sharing with each other. Enrollment is closed until November. Waiting list now open!

Private Coaching

Customized private coaching for business owners who need focused 1:1 time with me to establish or deepen their pursuit of success God’s way. 

FOCUS Power Hour

Need to work through an immediate challenge, get an extra set of eyes on something or want to pick my brain? We can accomplish a lot in a focused hour together! Click here to schedule your FOCUS Power Hour!

Signature Course

My signature 7-week digital course will teach you the principles and practical application of pursuing success God’s way.  The course puts all the content at your fingertips to complete at your pace!

Pursuing Success God's Way - The Book

This is the guidebook for pursuing success God’s way! This is a great starting point for those new to this bridging their faith and business, making God their business partner and learning to hustle with heart (and a resource for our ongoing growth along the way!).