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Money Matters 2: What Women Think About Money – Ep 197

What are your money beliefs and how do they stop you? Ever wonder what women think about money?


Maybe you’ve never thought about it because you’ve simply always been driven to earn money, so you just put your head down and “make it rain.”
Maybe you have all the outward success – the income, the client roster, the stages, the followers, and the stuff – but you’re missing inward calm and peace, and you’re exhausted chasing the money the world’s way (leaning on your own understanding).

I recently polled some Christian women in business to find out what women think about money, and how those ideas stop them from forward progress at the level they know God has positioned them for. And while I wasn’t surprised at what I heard, it did leave me curious about why we think these things (and why these thoughts stop us). Here are a few things these women think about money that may sound familiar to you:

Am I supposed to earn money and does that glorify God?
How do I give myself permission to earn money and to spend money?
Is it “Christian” to monetize my gifts and talents?
If I make money, I don’t want to become one of “those people.” What if earning money compromises my values and family priorities?
Am I the only one with these “crazy” thoughts? 

Let me clear: this is not about prosperity gospel, because we don’t do that here. We also do not call money evil because money isn’t the issue. It’s the pedestal on which we put it, and it’s the way that we pursue it.

In the end, I don’t have the answers, because I struggle here too (I share my money story on episode 196 of my podcast). But in this episode exploring what women think about money, I have three key questions you can ask yourself around your own money story that will help you dig deep to overcome this thinking and get back to walking out your God-assignment and mission in the marketplace:

1. Are you trusting more in your story than God’s truth of how he defines and directs you?
2. Are you trusting more in the Guru’s than you are in God?
3. have you taken this to him and asked him to break these chains around what you think about money and how those fears stop you?

If you struggle to grow your business to the next level, even when you know it’s what God’s direct you to do, there’s an incongruence between you and God’s instruction. And I challenge you to consider that the incongruence could be from leaning on your own understanding, the money stories that you’ve been raised and taught, or you’re leaning too much into the experts and the gurus who tell you should or shouldn’t be doing in your business. Ouch! But you’re not alone…because you’re in good company with what women think about money. And together, we can change this narrative!

These scriptures were referenced in the episode for you to read along or study:
Proverbs 3:5-6, 9-10

RESOURCES FROM TODAY’S EPISODEGod and Money: God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School

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