My double vision always seems to get the best of me

🎵 My double vision always seems to get the best of me 🎵

Got that song stuck in your head now, right? One of my fave @foreignerlive songs and the album by the same name! But I digress…

If you’ve been following along with the podcast this month (link in bio), you know we’re talking money because it’s financial literacy month. Does the idea of this topic bring on some angst?

I feel you.

Living “double minded” (hence the Double Vision reference) got the best of me in the past, and despite all God has delivered us through, it’s still something I struggle with.

There. I said it.

Yes, I still struggle sometimes with wondering how all the pieces of my business will line up to meet our needs (when I know like I know like I know that God provide all). Most of all, how it will look 1, 3 or 5 years from now.

Ridiculous, right? But real talk.

Jesus clearly tells us we cannot serve two masters – God and money (Matthew 6:24)

James reiterates that being double minded makes us unstable (James 1:8)

🎵 My double vision always seems to get the best of me 🎵

What I know is this: God, my family and business can’t get the best of me when I’m focused on the outcomes, or overly concerned about what will sell and what won’t. What helps me is shedding light on the subject, talking about it openly, and asking God to remind me of His provision and purpose for my business.

What do you do when you find yourself caught up in double vision? Comment below or DM me!

Erin, please include #debtfreecommunity and #financialliteracymonth in the comment

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