My faith community didn’t quite get what entrepreneur life meant

There you are, running your business and remembering a time when you prayed for the work you’re doing, the clients you’re serving and the business you’re running now.

Exhilerating, right? 🙌🏻

Yet also lonely, right? 🤔

I feel you…entrepreneurship can be lonely. And it seemed to me as I stepped into God’s direction as a Christian business owner, it became even lonelier somehow.  Because my business “tribe” didn’t quite get what it meant to pursue success God’s way. 🤷‍♀️

And my faith community didn’t quite get what entrepreneur life meant. 🤷‍♀️

In Dr. Charles Stanley’s @intouchmin Life Principles Bible, Life Principle #28 is: “No Christian has ever been called to ‘go it alone’ in his or her walk of faith.”

Friend, this is true in life and business: God made us for community, and community is critical for our success!

Community gives us:

👉🏻Accountability – to hold us accountable to God’s assignment, His direction, and the discipline to put it into action.

👉🏻Belonging – a place where we belong with others that understand how to do business His way.

👉🏻Connection – a safe and encouraging space to share our challenges and celebrations with people who really get us

👉🏻Discernment – helping us strengthen our discernment of God’s Word and wisdom for our business.

There is power in having a like-minded, Chris-focused community of people who “get it” because they’re also letting God lead in their business. Who’s in your community? Tag your accountability peeps here and give them a shout out for keeping you on track! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

PS It’s not too late to plan your first 90 days of 2022!


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