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No Shortcut to Success: True Success with Jesus at the Helm

Do you find yourself yearning for that elusive shortcut to catapult your business from where it is now to unimaginable heights? Whether it’s the leap from six to seven figures, seven to eight, or any ambitious milestone you’ve set your sights on, the quest for a quicker path is a tale as old as time.


But here’s a truth that may not be what you want to hear, yet it’s what you need to hear: there is no shortcut to success.


The Only “Shortcut”: Leaning In and Letting Jesus Lead


In the entrepreneurial journey, particularly before allowing Jesus to take the wheel, I, too, was ensnared in the endless search for shortcuts. Could the next course, membership, book, conference, or coach be the magic bullet? Yet, time and again, the pursuit often felt like running on a treadmill—lots of effort, but no real forward motion.

A Lesson from Acts 15 and 16: Embracing God’s Plan

The narrative of Paul and Barnabas’s separation in Acts 15 and the consequent spread of their missions teaches us a profound lesson about God’s way of accelerating His purpose. I’m sure it wasn’t what Paul had in mind, but he was ever obedient to God’s will: this division and the emergence of new missionaries illustrate the power of surrendering our plans to God’s will.


The Danger of Shortcuts and the Power of Surrender

Reflecting on the Israelites’ journey and their constant struggle between obedience and resistance, we see a mirror to our own entrepreneurial paths. We crave shortcuts, yet each step, each challenge, is an opportunity to deepen our dependence on and obedience to God.


God’s Strategy Over Our Own

In my own journey, I’ve learned that true success doesn’t come from meticulously following a blueprint laid out by others but by surrendering to God’s unique plan for me. This surrender has opened doors to opportunities I never imagined, allowing me to serve and impact lives in ways that align with His kingdom.


The Illusion of Shortcuts in Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial world is rife with promises of quick fixes—ways to skyrocket followers, sales, or success overnight. But these shortcuts are mere illusions, distracting us from the truth that real growth and success come through Jesus alone.


Surrendering Our Good for His Best

As we navigate our business journeys, let’s challenge ourselves to look beyond the shiny allure of shortcuts. Instead, let’s commit to a path of surrender, obedience, and reliance on Jesus. It’s not about finding a faster way but about aligning our steps with His timing and plan.


An Invitation to True Success

If you’re ready to redefine success and hustle God’s way, to embrace a journey marked not by the pursuit of shortcuts but by surrender and faithfulness, I’m here to walk alongside you. Together, let’s discover the incredible places God will lead us when we let go of our plans and let Him guide our path.


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