Ongoing application of His wisdom is what informs our growth

Have you ever completed the course or the training, applied what you learned and checked the box, only to find there was more to learn? 

Or, you learned the lesson and thought “thank God that’s done, can we move on now?” only to find the lesson goes deeper?

You know, us overachievers love to check the box! Some of us even add to the list the things we did that weren’t on the list just so we can check them off. Right?!

It’s me. I’m “some of us.” 🙋🏼‍♀️🤣

In the words of my wise mentor, The Velvet Hammer (see chapter 1 of my book – free in my link in bio!), our growth into all God has made us to be (santification) doesn’t happen immediately and it’s not a checklist. 


It’s ongoing.  We are always learning, and our ongoing application of His wisdom is what informs our growth. It’s why “Develop” is an important 4th key to Hustle with Heart.

See, as we embrace how God defines us, allow Him to direct us, and put that into action with discipline, we develop. And develop. And develop some more!

It’s how we faithfully continue in what we’ve learned, because we know who we are, WHOSE we are, and who directs and leads us!

⭐️⭐️Save this for when you’re feeling like “dang, isn’t this learning done yet?!” in your business (and life). Take heart that you’re not alone. As we embrace this circle of life (define, direct, discipline, develop), our clarity, serenity and fulfillment grow (and who doesn’t want more of those!).

PS, don’t miss Monday’s upcoming podcast on this 4th key: development!

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