Surrender = Freedom

Our freedom in pursuing success God’s way

Today kicks off the July 4 weekend, when we celebrate freedom here in the U.S. However, as God-centered entrepreneurs, there’s a bigger freedom we can celebrate every day for our business (and life) – and that’s our freedom in pursuing success God’s way.

It starts with the choice to surrender our self-reliance to Jesus’ saving grace, and then the choice to do business differently than the world. The freedom that comes from that decision is so deep, it can’t be fully described. Still, here’s what I hear about freedom from the business owners I know who’ve made this choice to make God their business partner:

✝️Freedom knowing they’re fully loved by He who created all, who cares for and delights in His creation

✝️Freedom from tying identity to the world’s definition of work, accomplishment and success

✝️Freedom from overwhelm, overachievement and under fulfillment

✝️Freedom knowing that He can (and does) redeem every detour or misstep we take on our own (and trust me, I’m sooooo grateful He does!)

So as we go into this weekend, let’s celebrate the freedom that comes from following HIS direction in business! Tag a friend that needs this encouragement, and DM me if you’d like to learn how I can help you experience this freedom by bridging faith and business!

Oh hey, PS, with Q3 underway, go grab my 90-Day planning tool at my link in bio!

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