Personal Development…God’s Way

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, you’re probably still in a turkey coma, or maybe you’re out Black Friday shopping, so I’ll keep this quick.

When you hear the words “Personal development,” do you think “poke a fork in me, I’m done like yesterday’s turkey”?

If you’ve been in business for more than 5 minutes you’ve been exposed to this. I hear you because it’s such a buzz phrase in business, entrepreneurship and success, isn’t it?

But how does this apply to us as Christian business women? How do we develop, and how does that development bring us CLARITY?

For starters, development is all about our ongoing growth, working out our salvation and Holy Spirit power, and knowing we can’t do it all on our own. When we develop, our clarity becomes even more focused, and when it does, we can get ahead of overwhelm and overachievement before they become heavy chains that hold us back.

After a “short” week of work, yet a long week of holiday preparations, entertaining, etc., I hope you’ll make time to rest today. And if you struggle with what development means to you, go grab my 4 Keys guide in the link in bio. I promise it’ll bring you some peace (and DM me if you want to chat).

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