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Hold Your Position: Trusting God to Lead Your Business

Boat 1 hold your position. Boat 3 hold your position. WE HAVE ALIGNMENT!”


The buzzer buzzed loudly, and the race was underway!

This past weekend was the annual Dragon Boat Festival in our town – a major fundraiser for End Hunger in Calvert County. If you’ve never witnessed a dragon boat race, picture a very long canoe-sort of boat with 18 paddlers, furiously digging their oars into the water to race for 200 meters.

The command to “hold your position” is given before each heat to ensure the boats don’t move (inasmuch as is possible with the Chesapeake Bay waves moving).

Each time I heard it that day, it reminded me of the Lord’s instruction to me during my Best Year Yet exercise:

My 2024 Word: Position

My 2024 Theme: The space God places me in is uniquely mine to occupy. God positions and provides, and my obedience always yields fruit.


Every year I do this exercise, and every year I *think* I know what Holy Spirit is telling me. And then along the way, He shines light on the many ways He intended the word and theme.

Since January, He has positioned me in ways I anticipated and many more I didn’t expect. Most of all, I didn’t expect 2024 would be the year of healing old wounds through how He positions me to harmonize my ambition and faith.

With each level of healing, I hear clearly “Hold your position. Hold onto Me.”

Not what I expected.

Yet I come to your email inbox more expectant than ever of the eternal outcomes we experience when we let Him lead!

So here’s my coaching tip for you this week:

Ask yourself today: “What position am I playing, and is this where God’s placed me? Or have I put myself here (and out of alignment to Him)?” Then get quiet and journal about it.

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